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What Does It Do?

Synoptica is a Software platform designed to provide information on the companies that are important to you- in real time. Our platform combines both data automation and data intelligence to give you information that no other vendor can provide. The platform provides one single source so that your sales team can pitch the right prospects with relevant evidence, every time.

Knowledge is power when it comes to sales performance and many solution providers try to provide data and insights about your leads. Some try to link into old databases and registries to automate data that might provide some clues relating to your company performance, but in reality offer very little intelligence. Others hire teams of analysts to research lists of companies, providing a high degree of intelligence that is costly and unscalable.

Synoptica is the only platform that both automates relevant data from many data sources and provides insights via the web that traditionally had been done by expensive human resources. By doing so we can provide significantly more automated data intelligence than any other vendor on the market.

How Does It Do It?

  1. An open platform that loves to consume public and private data sources and turn them into buying signals.
  2. A technology stack designed to power big data analytics and artificial intelligence technology.