Enhance your market knowledge with contextualised rich company information and trends.


Prioritize targets according to innovation, growth and customised signals, in real-time.


Leverage automated and intelligent data to increase your productivity

White Maquai

We focus on the top of your sales funnel pointing you to leads most likely to convert. Consolidate information on companies and use our customised scoring tools to rapidly assert your key targets.

Before using Synoptica we were drowning in data. Our sales team was spending over 60% of their time researching information on prospects. We have now cut this in half and our outreach is focused on the top 20% leads.

Jon Penn, CEO, White Maquai, www.whitemacqui.com


We aggregate information like financial data and monitor company signals of your choice. This combination allows you to tailor your outreach and messages most efficiently.

We used sales automation software before with mixed results; the value was quite limited because most tools rely on numeric information like annual turnover. Synoptica can find soft facts hidden in text, like uncovering B2B companies selling outside of the UK.

Jonathan Strelitz, Energy Services, www.engie.co.uk

BE Group

Access in-depth market intelligence through automated research and intelligence gathering. Conventional practices are no longer sufficient to understand market trends, which is why we go beyond the vanity metrics to produce the deep data you need.

Synoptica is providing enormous value to our Group by halving the time taken to identify new markets and opportunities, along with underpinning new techniques in how we deliver services.

Nicki Clark Chief Executive, BE Group www.be-group.co.uk