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Synoptica is providing enormous value to our Group by halving the time taken to identify new markets and opportunities, along with underpinning new techniques in how we deliver services

Nicki Clark Chief Executive, BE Group

Why do customers use Synoptica?

Sales professionals waste too much time online researching information on potential prospects - often as much as two-thirds of their day

With no bulletproof way of quickly ranking the most promising leads, selling can be a numbers game. As a result, most outbound business development is focused on the wrong leads and frustrates both sellers and their targets.

Did you know that 2/3rds of SaaS companies experience annual churn rates of 5% or higher?

In computer science garbage in, garbage out is where flawed or nonsense input data produces nonsense output. Synoptica is a platform built on AI Infrastructure that ‘lives’ to continuously search for the data, traits and signals of your prospect list that are characteristic of your best potential customers.

Every company’s pipeline needs are different, so don’t rely on tired databases to give you nonsense data that produces dead leads or unhappy customers. Use our technology to research the prospects that are the best fit for your funnel, leaving you more time to sell.

Our platform reads the web the way humans do- only much faster. This allows us to consolidate the fragments of evidence that exist to build a true story about your prospects buying position.

What makes our platform unique is that we consolidate these fragments, signals and clues into a form that any sales team can use to sell effectively.