Classify companies for free using our

Semantic Industry Classifier (SIC)


Classify companies for free using our

Company Size Tool (CST)


What Is The Semantic Industry Classifier (SIC)?

The SIC identifies company sectors based on text from their websites to help you better manage and target company lists. NAICS and SIC are outdated sector classification systems that generate inaccuracies in your segmentation efforts and do not reflect immerging industries. By using our automated classifier that uses web information, our clients benefit from an up-to-date, more accurate and confidence-based categorisation of their company lists.

What Is The Company Size Tool (CST)?

The CST uses company websites to map their web footprint and classify them according to size. Traditional metrics used to measure company size, such as turnover or number of employees, do not always provide accurate classification and are often determined using out of date information. Our CST determines a company’s size based on real-time information that deciphers contextual information, such as company sector, to deliver you correct size classifications of your company lists.