Synoptica’s Data Scientist wins CogX award

Dr Santosh Tirunagari has won the CogX award for ‘Outstanding Contribution in AI – Post-Doc Research’ for his research and development of AI algorithms and software.

The CogX festival had attendees over 7500 and 300+ speakers in London, UK, making it one of the biggest AI events in the world. This annual AI congress recognised the best-of-the-best/outstanding individuals, AI products, technologies, across major industries, academia and journalism across the world, as part of its two-day event, “The Festival of All Things AI, Blockchain and Emerging Technologies.” The awards were judged by a panel of industry, academic experts and journalists. Alongside Synoptica’s Data Scientist, other individuals that took home awards included  Professor Fei-Fei Li (director of the Stanford Artificial Intelligence Lab and the Stanford Vision Lab) and Professor Geoffrey Hinton (Godfather of Deep Learning). Moreover, top companies and products such as Microsoft, Netflix and Amazon’s Alexa also won awards.

The prestigious Award (the trophy is an impressive 3D printed slate) is one awarded annually by the CogX panel to recognise individuals, AI products and companies who have made a significant contribution to their domain in the field of artificial intelligence across the world.

Dr Tirunagari, prior to working as Data Scientist at Synoptica, was a Research Fellow in Machine Learning for Healthcare at the University of Surrey. He was responsible for developing artificial intelligence based software/algorithms focussing on understanding chronic diseases including Diabetes and Kidney diseases with a view to forming actionable predictions. The software he developed as a part of his post-doc career at Surrey, are now being used by clinicians worldwide and helping save thousands of lives.

Dr Tirunagari’s research at Synoptica focuses on developing Natural Language Processing (NLP) based novel software-as-a-service AI tools, which help B2B companies to automate their research and prioritise their leads based on company indicators made up of deep web sources. This enables Synoptica’s vision for sales and marketing teams to save time and sell their products better and faster. Synoptica is an artificial intelligence software platform that helps sales teams identify their top targets. Synoptica uses advance techniques in NLP to extract meaningful data from the world’s biggest database, the web and websites, to rank companies. Thereby helping sales professionals to find the right customers for their business. Using advanced technologies in Natural Language Processing our platform identifies buying signals at the top of your sales funnel – exposing the best leads and eliminating the rest. Prospects ranked by Synoptica are 25%-50% more likely to close than unranked leads.

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