How to classify B2B leads in the 21st century

How to classify B2B leads in the 21st century

Our Semantic Industry Classifier (SIC) tool is doing away with manual market segmentation

B2B marketers and sales teams are under increasing pressure to accurately identify and target companies as competition heats up in the digital marketspace. Before the days of the internet, SIC codes were the de facto method for helping B2B companies classify prospects based on their industry, products and services.

With new business models and industry landscapes developing at an unprecedented pace, SIC codes and other traditional B2B segmentation tactics have become outdated. Also, when considering that most digital companies don’t have or don’t even know their appropriate SIC codes, segmentation based on this system becomes a needle in a haystack situation.

Market segmentation strategies have always enjoyed widespread acceptance in the B2C sphere. Conversely, B2B segmentation has always struggled to catch up due to scarcity of accurate data, the constantly changing nature of businesses, and the absence of B2B specific tools to segment prospects effectively.

Digitisation has revolutionized B2B segmentation and classification

Today, we live in an era where websites have effectively replaced the Yellow Pages. The far reaching effects of digitisation has resulted in the rise of a veritable information age that’s helped B2B companies modernise their lead segmentation arsenal.

Technologies in the fields of machine learning, artificial intelligence, natural language processing and others are turning static B2B lead datasets into dynamic, insight-rich and monetizable business assets.

As an AI-based B2B lead qualification company, Synoptica has always been at the forefront of helping sales forces improve lead classification and engagement. To this end, we’ve developed a new Semantic Industry Classifier (SIC) tool.. The SIC tool allows sales teams to submit any website address to it and watch it generate accurate industry and niche classification results based on the language, keywords, phrases, semantics and other technical information on the website.

According to Synoptica CEO, Stephen Mooney, “Our platform is constantly evolving to bring sales forces closer to the prospects they’re looking for. The SIC tool is another addition to the Synoptica suite that’s designed to free humans from mundane tasks to focus on high impact, high value sales engagements.”

With websites exceeding a billion in number already and an immeasurable number of web pages, scouring the internet for leads becomes a simple case of letting the SIC tool interrogate websites based on the information resident on and around it. What this means for sales reps is a radical reduction in the time it takes to identify and classify new business opportunities.

Our SIC tool is developed specifically to address the obstacles sales teams face when trying to segment, target and sell to prospects. Synoptica’s Classifier uses Natural Language Processing, amongst other techniques, to assess large volumes of website data in parallel and relieve sales staff from manning their computers in the process.

Taking the guesswork out of lead classification

When the SIC tool generates results of low confidence or results that appear to be inaccurate, there is nothing ‘personal’ about it. The software analyses websites purely on the pages present within it, without bias. If the results are inconclusive, this means the content on the website is either insufficient or too poorly structured to provide an accurate classification.

The tool also helps companies understand how to build websites that communicate their products and services better. Each time it is used to scan their website, the results are unbiased and informs companies on where they can improve their content. It can be used with every website update to guide companies on building an online presence that communicates their offerings to their target audiences in a clear and concise manner.

Take advantage of our SIC tool today

Synoptica is offering the SIC tool as a free standalone on our website or it can be included on our platform as a signal to help enrich your existing datasets. Customers can also purchase the REST API for integration with their existing CRM and other lead qualification software. Use the SIC tool to free your sales team from the tedious task of scouring millions of websites in the hope of finding the proverbial needle in a haystack.

To learn more about how Synoptica can boost your sales force’s ability to always be closing, contact us today.