Synoptica becomes part of the IP100 League Table

Team Synoptica is very pleased to announce inclusion in the 2017 IP100 League, in recognition of its innovation and pioneering work in the field of artificial intelligence and advanced analytics. Its ability to use data-driven insights to reduce barriers to market entry and help companies uncover new business opportunities from information assets and the web has placed a spotlight on Synoptica as a serious operator in the field of AI-based, B2B lead qualification.

The UK’s IP100 League was established to support innovative companies that are breaking boundaries in the usage of business intellectual property. In collaboration with BQ Live and Metis Partners, an IP solutions firm, the IP League uses five criteria to rate companies that are taking innovative measures to uncover new business opportunities. The categories are IP creation, IP management policies, R&D activities and IP commercialisation.

The top scoring companies will be published in the annual Clydesdale and Yorkshire Banks IP100 report.  Synoptica has come in at 12 in the top 20 companies who are the most effective at commercialising their IP assets. The top 20 list includes other leading businesses like M Squared, P2i and Kromek.