Synoptica receives a UK Smart Grant

Synoptica has been awarded an ‘Innovate UK Smart Grant’ in the 2015 rounds of funding for companies in the information technology sector. The grant helps Synoptica shift its development into high gear for the coming year.

According to Synoptica CTO, Bogdan Vrusias, “We are delighted that Innovate UK has recognised the value of our proof of concept, and have further approved funding to accelerate our platform development.”

Since 2007, the UK Smart Grant program has invested over £1.5 billion in innovation and over £1 billion in partner and business funding. Having helped more than 5000 innovative companies in projects, the grant plays a central role in keeping the UK economy healthy by creating thousands of new jobs annually.

As Synoptica drives innovation in deep learning and artificial intelligence in the B2B lead qualification sphere, the company is set to attract many new customers. Synoptical typically enables customers to uncover new and valuable market insights from the information stored in their CRMs assets and the web.