Skip Dat Pich

In light of the revelation this week that Phuk Dat Bich was a hoax I was reticent to promote this blog title but felt it was too good not to.. please disregard if you are an Angel investor.

I had the opportunity to visit the SetSquared investor showcase yesterday and witnessed a very professional and well organised event. I expected nothing less from the Global #1 business incubator. Top startups with some truly disruptive ideas delivered polished, 5 minute pitches to would-be investors. I would be surprised if some of these companies weren’t able to rise and grow to be the stars of the UK tech scene.

Glancing at the attendee list I noticed a strong representation from large, innovative corporates-something I also saw at the Web Summit a few weeks back in Dublin. Of course this makes sense as leading companies seek a competitive advantage by finding the next killer solution that could help their business. There are a couple of clear problems with this approach:

  1. There are too many investor pitch events and it takes too long to attend all of them
  2. Investment pitches focus on growth and exit- actions which are the antithesis for companies looking for solutions that can sustainably help their business
  3. They are missing out on the innovative solutions that have decided to grow without investment

What? A business that grows and shapes its product through customers? With the rise of the investor-driven startup this is becoming the path less traveled, but  these companies do exist. Finding them may not be as easy as rocking up to an investor event, but the fruit of doing so can be much more rewarding.

Stephen Mooney is a full time entrepreneur and part-time blogger on topics ranging from challenges facing start-ups, to pop culture to running. He is currently part of the UKTI’s Global Entrepreneur Programme and CEO of Synoptica. Synoptica is a leading SaaS platform that helps organisations to uncover, rank and engage with innovative SME’s.